How to Request (and publish) a LinkedIn Recommendation

As a Virtual Assistant, one of the ways I promote my services is by having testimonials about my work on LinkedIn. Testimonials from happy clients and others are very compelling to those who are thinking of hiring us. They take a bit of time and effort to collect, but it’s well worth the investment.

For starters, navigate to the profile of the person you’d like to ask for a recommendation (I’m using my boyfriend Greg as an example).

Click “More” and then “Request a Recommendation:”

Select your Relationship and Position at the time your worked together from the drop-down menu and click Next.

This window will pop up.

I highly recommend writing a personal message with your request. Even better – ask them on the phone or in a personal email. Then, when you get to this point, add a message like this:


Great talking with you the other day. Thanks so much for agreeing to write me a recommendation on LinkedIn.  I really appreciate it.


Once you click Send, a window will pop up briefly in your browser letting you know that the request was sent.

The person who you’ve sent the request will get notified in the Messaging section of their LinkedIn account.

To write the recommendation, they click simply click on the invitation, write the recommendation, and click send.

You’ll be notified in the Messaging section of LinkedIn that the recommendation is ready for review like this:

Click on the highlighted link in the image above and this window will pop up:

Once you read the recommendation, you can “Dismiss” it if you don’t want to use it, ask for a revision or Add to profile.

When you click Add to your profile, your recommendation will be visible on your LinkedIn profile immediately.

Easy and actually kind of fun! Good luck getting those on your page.